Business Matchmaker

BCD Trade is an international trade agency specialized in business matchmaking between Suppliers and Buyers. BCD Trade acts like a catalyzer and helps speed up the “searching” process either you are a Supplier or a Buyer.

Although it may seem “a piece of cake” to look up on a sourcing directory for a business field you are looking at, reality is not that effortless. Finding “the” business partner, needs to be on the ground where actual work is performed.

You are at the right place if your company is struggling to find a trading partner who;

has access to a wide selection of qualified suppliers,

exceeds your expectations for the deadlines you have promised for sourcing.

Let us do the “work” and you can spare time for your company’s core business.

We will handle all the sourcing, negotiations, consulting, sample collecting for you.

If needed we are here to complete all the export transactions; purchasing, in-land and abroad transport links, invoicing, insurance and customs documentations.